Prawn Skewers: Rubbed and Grilled


shrimp skewers

We only get prawns in one choice anchorage up here, but it ALWAYS produces. It’s not uncommon to have 70+ in a pot. The record this trip was 199 in two pots. One of our favorite ways to prepare prawns is to de-head them, skewer the tail (shell and all), rub in olive oil and seasoning, and grill them quickly on the barbecue. Prawns cook in just a few minutes and as with most seafood, you don’t want to overcook it.

Once they’re finished, pile the shrimp into a bowl and let everyone dig in and peel their own prawns. The seasoning on the shell gets on your fingers and on the shrimp meat and it is so delicious. This year we used Seattle Rhythm & Spice’s rub called Chesapeake Bay Seafood. It’s a salty-spicy rub that includes mustard, paprika, celery seed and cayenne, and is perfect for the shrimp. Unfortunately I’m thinking they might have gone out of business since their website is defunct and I can’t seem to find anything about them. They used to have a little table at the local Sunday farmers market. darn, they also had an awesome steak rub. I also like the Tom Douglas Rub with Love for seafood which would be a great alternative. I have to say I feel like someone is going to shame me for using pre-made rub on a food blog. Well, I won’t apologize or feel bad about doing it! Sometimes it’s just easier to use a rub that’s already made – and sometimes they just make it better.

shrimp skewers 2 cooked prawns veggies

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