Seafood Coconut Curry Stew (cod, snapper, mussels)

seafood coconut curry over rice

Seafood Coconut Curry Stew (over rice)

As I mentioned before, cooking on the boat is often more about what fresh seafood do we have, what’s in the fridge and pantry, and what needs to be used up. This is an un-recipe I make every summer. It’s never the same but it’s always delicious.

I sautéed half a sweet onion, the last of the celery and carrots, half a red pepper and half a green pepper. I then added some chopped garlic and jalapeno pepper, and ginger grated on my microplane. I let all of that cook and soften for ten or fifteen minutes. Normally I would have added some white wine, but since we were all out of wine (yikes), I skipped that and went straight to adding several cups of chicken stock. I also threw in some cooked Italian sausage chunks and seasoned with salt and pepper.

As it simmered, I put in a tablespoon or so of green curry powder (I love the mix from Dean and Deluca). I removed the skin and bones from the fish filets and cut them into bite size pieces and added it to the stew/soup. I let that cook for four minutes, then added a big bowl (probably 50) cleaned and scrubbed mussels. I put the lid on and waited.  seafood mussel curry

After about 7 minutes or so I took a peek and they were all open. I then proceeded to fish out most of the mussel shells, scrape the meat into the stew and discard the shell. You certainly could leave the shells in and just serve it that way and let others just fish out their own mussel meat – tonight I just felt like making it easier on everyone else, and did the labor of love to remove the shells. Careful if you go this route – those shells and broth are hot!

At the very end I added two small cans of full fat coconut milk and a good squeeze of half a fresh lime, and finally topped with chopped fresh basil and flat-leaf parsley.

My favorite way to serve a curry stew like this is to put cooked rice (any kind will do) in the bottom of each bowl, then spoon the soup/stew over the top. The rice absorbs some of the liquid and adds a lovely texture. I also love to do that with Tom Ka Gai – coconut mushroom lemongrass soup served in many Thai restaurants.  Oh food coma



  1. […] I made a big fish stew for dinner with the leftover lingcod and snapper, as well as fresh mussels. I find I cook so much differently on the boat than at home– at home I tend to say “ok, I feel like eating xyz.” Then I’ll look online, or pinterest, or pull out a recipe I’ve used before of xyz. I usually combine a few different recipes, go to the store for ingredients, then make it. On the boat, everything is dependent on if we have any fresh fish or seafood, and what’s in the fridge and pantry. I find I improvise more, and I make things I never make at home. Check out the Seafood Coconut Curry Stew here. […]

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