Boat Trip Day 7 – Refuge Cove


Refuge Cove Sign refuge docs

Dan flew out of Refuge Cove today. Refuge is a cute little place started in the 1970’s as a co-op.  Refuge Cove welcome

There is a fuel dock, a small grocery store, showers, bathrooms, a little café and gift store with some local crafts, books and cowhichan wool sweaters. I’ve never understood why they sell cowichan sweaters there – I think the last thing I want to think about buying in the middle of summer is a thick heavy sweater, even though they are beautiful. Even as I write this I feel I’m making Refuge seem bigger than it is.  The café serves two types of Panini – meat and veggie.

toiletsshowers refuge cove gallery coffee shop and cafe

The store is so sweet – packed with a little bit of everything, you can find almost anything you need of the basics. They really seem to be trying to keep up with what people want – including stocking items such as sriracha sauce, coconut oil and gluten free nut thin crackers (to which I am addicted). For a place that is probably only 20’ x 40’ wide, plus a little L-cove for the wine and beer, they do a pretty good job.

refuge cove store pantry aisle


The food comes in once a week or so on a barge. As the produce can be picked through pretty quickly, we’re always glad when we happen to go in the day of or after the delivery. And we typically buy up most of the chardonnay on the shelf.

I have intentions of trying to make the Eton mess recipe I made in a cooking class just before leaving on the trip, which means I need to make lemon curd. I was stoked to see lots of fresh big lemons at the store and took most of what they had. Limes, tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, local blue berries, strawberries, bananas, and jalapenos rounded out the fresh produce. Below are photos of the dairy section, and the complete produce section. Can’t exactly be picky about organic, and just be grateful for what’s fresh.

dairy section produce section


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