Paleo BLT with forest raised pork bacon

paleo blt2

I feel so lucky to live within walking distance to the Ballard Farmer’s Market – one of the best farmers markets in the city and only one of two in Seattle that remains active year round.

I buy my bacon at the farmers market from Seabreeze Farms. The farm is located on Vashon Island, near Seattle and I love that on the label it says “forest raised pork” and seriously, their bacon is so freakin’ good (and has no sugar) and their breakfast sausage is the best I have ever had, ever. 

I’d been messing around working on my recipe for basic paleo buns (aka english muffins) and figured, why not use them for dinner? Obviously a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich is pretty self explanatory – this is my version.

For this recipe I chopped up a handful of grape tomatoes, added in several chopped fresh basil leaves and a pinch of salt and pepper. I set this in a colander in the sink for several minutes to allow the tomatoes to release some of their juice. Then I put the tomato/basil mix in a bowl and added a tablespoon or so of organic mayonnaise. I’m not a big mayo fan, so I tend to use it sparingly – I wanted just enough to help hold the tomatoes together. 

I sliced two homemade basic paleo buns in half and spread some tomato/basil/mayo on the bottom half of each muffin. Then I placed a few leaves of butter lettuce and three slices of bacon on each. I also put some Beechers smoked flagship cheddar on one just to see how it turned out (it was delicious). Then topped with the top of the english muffin. Gotta say this was a lovely, easy light dinner. The english muffins stay together really well so you can actually eat the BLT with your hands. I like the addition of basil to boost the flavor, and when you’re using really good bacon – how can you go wrong?  

paleo blt close

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