Desolation Sound Scenery, Mandatory G&T

sun umbrella

I’m always in awe of the scenery up here. Big tall mountains covered in trees go straight down into the water. Numerous inlets and bays and coves invite exploring, as well as lakes and rocky beaches. It’s been an incredible summer up here weather wise so far.The first couple of days I arrived were cloudy, but the last five days (and the three weeks before I arrived) have been clear, sunny and 80+ degrees. For a fair haired redhead, I do have to be mindful to not end up looking like a lobster. I’ve done pretty well so far.  But considering I’ve got 9 more days up here, there’s still time to get fried.

I’m having a quintessential summer afternoon on the boat. Sitting with a G&T – lots of ice in a tall glass with two shots of Hendricks Gin, filled to the top with Q Tonic and two larges slices of lime. I’m definitely digging the Q Tonic water this year better than the usual schwepps that we used to buy. I love that it has agave in it instead of high fructose corn syrup. My brother still prefers the Schwepps (now referred to as a dirty dog G&T), so good – more of the Q for me. More of the quintessentialness….listening to Jack Johnson’s On and On album, and greased up with sunblock sitting in the shade of the cockpit.Think it’s time to take a dip in the water and a break from the computer. I am on vacation after all. The irony is that since we have zero internet connection up here, all of my lovely blog posts will have to go up all at once, when I’m home, plugged back in, and already missing afternoons like this

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