Boat Trip Day 12 – boredom leads to donuts

donut hole

It’s rainy and gray here today. A nice wash down for the boat, but it has me going a little stir crazy. The original plan had been to leave yesterday and head north with the big boat to an area with colder water but better fishing. But with the predicted southerly winds, we decided to stay in our current anchorage as it is well protected against the southerly. More winds were predicted for today and along with the intermittent downpour, no one is particularly motivated to go anywhere.

It’s been nice to have time to work on my blog, but after awhile, to ward off my boredom and restlessness I searched the recipes on my computer to find something that I would have all the ingredients to make.

I found myself in the galley making Paleo Baked Donuts from the unrefined kitchen  Mine were actually more akin to donut holes since I don’t have either a doughnut pan or doughnut hole pan on board – I do actually have a virgin doughnut hold pan at home which arrived just before I left on the boat because I thought another recipe I found on pinterest looked amazing and wanted to try it. Too bad I didn’t copy it then and save it to my computer so I could make it now, but without an internet connection up here, I’m at the mercy of what’s on my computer. Ah boating. Anyways – back to bored boat baking.

I ended up forming balls and placing them into paper muffin cups (just incase they spread, which they didn’t). The recipe was ok. I’m not really a donut person anyways. I didn’t do the maple frosting because it seemed like overkill, but the plain donut holes need a little more oomph. If I were to make them again I would add some cinnamon and clove to the batter. I’d also sprinkle the tops with a little coconut sugar before baking. This round I sprinkled the sugar at the end but the tops were already baked to the point where the sugar would not stick very well. I’d also spray the muffin papers with some coconut oil spray, as the donut holes stuck to the papers a bit. Or I suppose I’ll just wait until I’m home, look up the recipe that prompted the purchase of the doughnut hole pan, and try that one. [which was the samoa donuts from Paleomg. Of course you’ll be the second to know once I make those.


I’m also curious about the whole doughnut vs donut vernacular. Yet another thing to google when I’m back online. But for now, deep thoughts to ponder on vacation.

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