Restaurant Review: Percy’s & Co

Husband and I decided to go out to eat tonight. We are lucky to live within walking distance to thirty restaurants or so in Ballard, a neighborhood in Seattle. Percy’s & Co opened just a couple of weeks ago. We had tried to get in soon after they opened, but could tell upon approaching the door by the people waiting outside, that we would not be trying Percy’s that night. Luckily tonight, a mellow Tuesday night after the long holiday weekend, was a different story. We walked in and immediately snagged a nice large booth in the back. Have to say I love the style of this place. It’s made to look old fashioned and classic. Not in a retro 70’s way, but truly classic, clean, stylized way. The bartenders had suspenders, most of the staff had some sort of striped something on, and there were ferns hanging from the ceiling. I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to water them, but they were a lovely touch. Percy’s whole bent is to be an apothecary style bar with lovely cocktails.  I have to say the cocktail menu truly did look delightful, but on a Tuesday night, I was more in the mood for a glass of wine, which they also had a decent albeit small list. There is so much emphasis put on the apothecary vibe and cocktails, I think they are neglecting to promote just how freakin’ delicious their food is.

I am usually wary of bars that also do food. Usually the food seems to be an after thought of mostly frozen and fried items, or slopped together ingredients, and I end up leaving feeling 1) gross 2) that there was hardly anything I could eat that didn’t have bread/pasta/gluten, and 3) that I could definitely make it better at home. But, that was completely not the case here. The menu at Percy’s had several seasonal ingredients, they claim to use organic and local when they can, and to me, did the best they could with a relatively small menu to have something for everyone (including gluten free me). Several of the salads sounded delicious.

I had the summer tomatoes over homemade whipped ricotta with lemon, topped with fried basil. It was also supposed to come with crushed croutons, but I asked for those to be omitted. The salad was fresh, well seasoned, delicious.


Husband had the artichoke and arugula salad with radish and pecorino toscano, which he said was also tasty. For entrees, I had the confit chicken leg with slow roasted carrots, wilted pea vines, and sweet corn puree. The chicken skin was crispy and flavorful, the meat was moist and fall off the bone tender. My favorite part though was the sweet corn puree. I can’t even begin to describe how perfectly it went with the dish, though I think I could eat a bowl of it on my own. Husband had the pork dip sandwich with sweet onion marmalade, wilted pea vines, and pork jus. I didn’t try the baguette, but the meat itself was tender and tasty. It was so well done in fact, that when you took a bite of it – you could actually take just a bite – and not end up pulling the entire innards of the sandwich out with your mouth.

chickenlegconfitpercys porksandwichpercys

This was probably one of the best meals I’ve had in Ballard in quite a while. I am super excited to have this place in the hood and to continue to try their menu, especially as it changes through the season. I especially loved that most of the items on the menu did not involve bread or pasta or other items that obviously have gluten in it. In face, super easy to eat primal/paleo/gluten free at this place. We’ll be sure to return, and Percy’s is now a top contender for my favorite restaurant in Ballard. Next time I’ll have succumb to the apothecary vibe and have a cocktail as well.

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