Boat Trip Day 14 – rainy day outing

Another rainy day here. Dad and I took the grady over to Squirrel Cove and picked up some basics at the store there. Squirrel Cove is on an island serviced by a ferry, so there are actually cars and some houses in the area and the store is used not only by boaters. The Squirrel Cove store can be hit or miss though, sometimes the produce is great, other times not so much. There is a big walk in refrigerator where all the produce and coffee is kept – you just walk right in,  help yourself and freeze your *ss off. It’s darn cold in there. And, if you should need to get fuel here at this ancient pump, it’s tough to beat the view.

squirrel cove store oldgaspump coffee labels

On the way back we fished for salmon. Just as it started to rain, we got a strike which ultimately turned out to be a lovely large lingcod. Perfect for dinner. As it was pouring down rain we brought in the gear and headed for the dry haven of the Surfrider. A quick filet of the cod, covering of the helm and seats in the grady and stowage of the fishing gear and now we are warm and dry and will likely catch up on game of thrones (season 2 on dvd). I have to admit that as much as it is really fun and amazing when it’s sunny and hot up here, even in the rain it’s cozy and peaceful and restful.

rainy filet rainy grady

 I made the Pavlova Meringue bowl with the intention of making a Strawberry Pavlova with Greek Yogurt dessert tonight, but since it’s really quite a large dessert, I decided to save it to put together tomorrow night. I’m not sure if the Meringue will hold over well for a day or not. The Meringue pieces for the Eton Mess were fine after a day. But since this Pavola isn’t dried out completely, I’m not sure how it will respond to the excessive amounts of moisture we have in the air and on the boat. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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