Boat Trip – Lingcod two ways

lingcod fillets

Having two lovely filets of lingcod is always a good excuse for me to prepare each a different way. I love love love lingcod and prefer not to cover it up with thick sauces, but rather keep the flavors light. I lightly rubbed one cod filet with olive oil and some of Tom Douglas’ Rub with Love Shrimp Rub. Even though it’s supposedly geared for shrimp, I thought the warm sweet spices would complement the cod. For the other filet, I doused it with some olive oil and dotted with some bits of butter. Then sprinkled on some dried Italian seasoning. I would have preferred to use fresh herbs like thyme or tarragon, but we’re all out on the boat and I can’t necessarily just drive to the store to get some, so dried will have to do. I then thinly sliced half a lemon and laid the slices over the filet.

Lingcod is so flaky and delicate that it can fall apart if you place it directly on the grill. I make a foil boat by simply folding up the sides of a sheet of heavy duty foil to fit the bbq and the filets. A foil boat then also makes a great vessel to pour a bit of wine in around the fish to help create steam and add flavor.

I sliced yellow, green and red peppers into large chunks, a zucchini into planks, and an eggplant into rounds. Tossed it all in some olive oil and kosher salt. I grilled the eggplant first on med-high for several minutes on each side, then set them aside under a foil tent to finish cooking and stay warm. Grilled the peppers and zucchini until tender and slightly charred on the corners. Chopped everything into more manageable eating chunks and tossed together with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a touch of sea salt, and black pepper.

grilled veggies  

It was a delicious meal. The cod was tender, moist and tasty. I took pieces of each (the rub, and the lemon/herb) because I can. “I have to taste them both for the blog.” But really, both preps were delicious in their own right without a clear favorite for me.

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