Sullivan Bay and Santa Claus’ Summer Vacation

sullivan bay postcard

When I was younger my parents would range the boat further than they do now in the summer. We went further north up Vancouver Island where the water and weather is colder, the mornings are foggier, but the fishing is generally better. We often went to a small place called Sullivan Bay Marine Resort that was set up like a small floating town. “Resort” is probably stretching it a bit, but there was a gas dock, several docks for boats, a few little houses for the owners and employees, a small store, and “Santa’s summer cabin”.

Before we had a boat with a washer/dryer on board, we’d come into Sullivan Bay to do laundry and take on water. It was a fun place to spend a day or two as a kid. And I’m sure my parents were grateful for a place where we could get off the boat, run around and get out of their hair for a bit. We’d catch perch off the dock, check out what was being cleaning at the fish station, and hunt down Santa. One of the men that owned Sullivan Bay literally looked like Santa Claus, white beard and all. They story was that this was where Santa Claus spent his summer vacation. If you bought a post card from the store, Santa would write a little message and sign it.

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