On the Boat: Eton Mess was a Success!

I finally made the Eton Mess recipe altered from the cooking class I took at the Pantry at Delancey last month. I made the lemon curd a few days ago with fresh lemons I picked up on the last excursion to Refuge Cove. As I mentioned in a previous post I didn’t have a fine […]

Paleo BLT with forest raised pork bacon

I feel so lucky to live within walking distance to the Ballard Farmer’s Market – one of the best farmers markets in the city and only one of two in Seattle that remains active year round. I buy my bacon at the farmers market from Seabreeze Farms. The farm is located on Vashon Island, near Seattle […]

Basic Paleo Bun

I’ve been playing around to find a good paleo bun/biscuit recipe for awhile. Good thing I live with someone who considers breakfast sandwiches to be a favorite meal. It’s a tricky balance to get good flavor and texture, and still end up with something you can actually hold that won’t disintegrate in your hand.  I […]

Desolation Sound Scenery, Mandatory G&T

I’m always in awe of the scenery up here. Big tall mountains covered in trees go straight down into the water. Numerous inlets and bays and coves invite exploring, as well as lakes and rocky beaches. It’s been an incredible summer up here weather wise so far.The first couple of days I arrived were cloudy, […]

Boat Trip Day 8

Dad and I took the grady over to Waddington Channel this morning to fish the slack tide. There were tons of fish on the sounder and loads of bait. Unfortunately we caught a dogfish, ugly shark looking creatures that are not good eating at all. Well I actually don’t know that for sure since I’ve […]

No Honey, damn

I was hoping to get some local honey, made by a resident of Refuge cove. I followed the sign where it looks like the honey had been available by the honor system, with a box to leave your money in, but unfortunately it was sold out. Can you imagine the yummy goodness of local honey […]

Boat Trip Day 7 – Refuge Cove

  Dan flew out of Refuge Cove today. Refuge is a cute little place started in the 1970’s as a co-op.  There is a fuel dock, a small grocery store, showers, bathrooms, a little café and gift store with some local crafts, books and cowhichan wool sweaters. I’ve never understood why they sell cowichan sweaters […]

Seafood Coconut Curry Stew (cod, snapper, mussels)

As I mentioned before, cooking on the boat is often more about what fresh seafood do we have, what’s in the fridge and pantry, and what needs to be used up. This is an un-recipe I make every summer. It’s never the same but it’s always delicious. I sautéed half a sweet onion, the last […]

Boat Trip Day 6 cont. – more shrimp, goodbye seal pup, hello fish stew

Today is Dan’s last full day. He’ll fly out of Refuge Cove tomorrow on a seaplane. I’m sad that he’s leaving, but glad he’ll be going home and seeing our dog.  We hauled the shrimp pots this morning and came up with well, a haul! 199 total, but I’ll just round it up to an even […]

Mussel Beach, Mussel Tree, Mussel Curry

I love mussels. Growing up boating each summer I have pretty much become a seafood snob. There is nothing like having fresh mussels, clams, or oysters from the beach, or shrimp/prawns pulled from the pot that day. Most shellfish in a restaurant (even if it’s “fresh”) just doesn’t compare  – and in Seattle, we have […]