Strawberry Pavlova with Greek Yogurt

    The Pavlova was received with ohhhs and ahhhs. It really is a pretty presentation, at least until you cut into it and/or scoop it. Then it’s a mixed pile on the plate. Still a delicious sweet and tangy pile, but a pile nonetheless. I suppose it’s not really the best term to use […]

On the Boat: Eton Mess was a Success!

I finally made the Eton Mess recipe altered from the cooking class I took at the Pantry at Delancey last month. I made the lemon curd a few days ago with fresh lemons I picked up on the last excursion to Refuge Cove. As I mentioned in a previous post I didn’t have a fine […]

Paleo BLT with forest raised pork bacon

I feel so lucky to live within walking distance to the Ballard Farmer’s Market – one of the best farmers markets in the city and only one of two in Seattle that remains active year round. I buy my bacon at the farmers market from Seabreeze Farms. The farm is located on Vashon Island, near Seattle […]

Basic Paleo Bun

I’ve been playing around to find a good paleo bun/biscuit recipe for awhile. Good thing I live with someone who considers breakfast sandwiches to be a favorite meal. It’s a tricky balance to get good flavor and texture, and still end up with something you can actually hold that won’t disintegrate in your hand.  I […]

Seafood Coconut Curry Stew (cod, snapper, mussels)

As I mentioned before, cooking on the boat is often more about what fresh seafood do we have, what’s in the fridge and pantry, and what needs to be used up. This is an un-recipe I make every summer. It’s never the same but it’s always delicious. I sautéed half a sweet onion, the last […]

Prawn Skewers: Rubbed and Grilled

  We only get prawns in one choice anchorage up here, but it ALWAYS produces. It’s not uncommon to have 70+ in a pot. The record this trip was 199 in two pots. One of our favorite ways to prepare prawns is to de-head them, skewer the tail (shell and all), rub in olive oil […]

Cedar Planked Salmon with Brown Sugar & Mustard Glaze

Boat Trip – Day 1 I’m writing this blog as I sit on my parents’ boat. Since there is no internet in the little bay we are in (and I want to stay off email anyway – I’m on vacation!) all of my writing for the next two weeks will have to wait to be […]