Jalapeno Peppers Stuffed with Cheese and Bacon

 I found some lovely jalapenos on our last excursion to Refuge Cove and made these tasty stuffed peppers for appetizers. I love that jalapenos are a bit like russian roulette – some peppers can be mild, some will burn your face off – and you never know what you’re going to get.

On the Boat: Eton Mess was a Success!

I finally made the Eton Mess recipe altered from the cooking class I took at the Pantry at Delancey last month. I made the lemon curd a few days ago with fresh lemons I picked up on the last excursion to Refuge Cove. As I mentioned in a previous post I didn’t have a fine […]

Paleo BLT with forest raised pork bacon

I feel so lucky to live within walking distance to the Ballard Farmer’s Market – one of the best farmers markets in the city and only one of two in Seattle that remains active year round. I buy my bacon at the farmers market from Seabreeze Farms. The farm is located on Vashon Island, near Seattle […]

Basic Paleo Bun

I’ve been playing around to find a good paleo bun/biscuit recipe for awhile. Good thing I live with someone who considers breakfast sandwiches to be a favorite meal. It’s a tricky balance to get good flavor and texture, and still end up with something you can actually hold that won’t disintegrate in your hand.  I […]

Cedar Planked Salmon with Brown Sugar & Mustard Glaze

Boat Trip – Day 1 I’m writing this blog as I sit on my parents’ boat. Since there is no internet in the little bay we are in (and I want to stay off email anyway – I’m on vacation!) all of my writing for the next two weeks will have to wait to be […]