Post Boat Trip Blues

Home – whoosh…. And we’re back Two hours on a gorgeous scenic sea plane flight and I’m back in Seattle. It’s a whoosh of culture shock going from the quiet still space of being up on the boat and then being right in the city. Everything feels a bit loud and abrasive to the senses […]

Sullivan Bay and Santa Claus’ Summer Vacation

When I was younger my parents would range the boat further than they do now in the summer. We went further north up Vancouver Island where the water and weather is colder, the mornings are foggier, but the fishing is generally better. We often went to a small place called Sullivan Bay Marine Resort that […]

Boat Trip Day 11 – Meet Dave of the Garbage Barge, and yay honey!

We drank the last bottle of wine last night, which means we had to make a run into Refuge Cove today. It’s been pretty windy and blowing out of the south. We knew it would be a bumpy ride, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Dad and I made the trip in the grady, […]

Boat Trip Day 7 – Refuge Cove

  Dan flew out of Refuge Cove today. Refuge is a cute little place started in the 1970’s as a co-op.  There is a fuel dock, a small grocery store, showers, bathrooms, a little café and gift store with some local crafts, books and cowhichan wool sweaters. I’ve never understood why they sell cowichan sweaters […]

Cedar Planked Salmon with Brown Sugar & Mustard Glaze

Boat Trip – Day 1 I’m writing this blog as I sit on my parents’ boat. Since there is no internet in the little bay we are in (and I want to stay off email anyway – I’m on vacation!) all of my writing for the next two weeks will have to wait to be […]