Boat Trip – Lingcod two ways

Having two lovely filets of lingcod is always a good excuse for me to prepare each a different way. I love love love lingcod and prefer not to cover it up with thick sauces, but rather keep the flavors light. I lightly rubbed one cod filet with olive oil and some of Tom Douglas’ Rub […]

Strawberry Pavlova with Greek Yogurt

    The Pavlova was received with ohhhs and ahhhs. It really is a pretty presentation, at least until you cut into it and/or scoop it. Then it’s a mixed pile on the plate. Still a delicious sweet and tangy pile, but a pile nonetheless. I suppose it’s not really the best term to use […]

Jalapeno Peppers Stuffed with Cheese and Bacon

 I found some lovely jalapenos on our last excursion to Refuge Cove and made these tasty stuffed peppers for appetizers. I love that jalapenos are a bit like russian roulette – some peppers can be mild, some will burn your face off – and you never know what you’re going to get.